Captions R Us : FTP File Formats


We take the following file formats

.MPG (MPEG) 8Mbps for programs 9Mbps for Commercials 16:9 or 4:3  SD (720×480), HDV, HD

.MOV (ProRess), Mpg (Mpeg4) .


We support most resolutions up to 4k and will down convert any aspect to fit the station or network.


Currently we directly upload to The Impact Network and we comply to the current SD settings of the network.



Embedded : EIA-608/708 (A/53 / DTVCC Transport)
Sidecar : Based on locations format

The Impact Network File Requirements

Stream Type MPEG-2
Video Bitrates [SD]
Max 8 Mbps / Min 6
Mbps All CBR
Frame Rate 29.97 [SD]
Closed Captioning : Sidecar / Embedded
Chroma 4:2:0
Interlacing Upper Field First
Aspect Ratio 4:3 or 16:9
Width/Height 720×480 or 720×486
Audio Type MPEG-1 Layer 2
Audio Encoding 2 Channel Stereo
Bit Depth 16
Sample Rate 48KHz
Instantaneous Peak -8dB
Avg. Peak -10dB
Avg. Levels -12dB
Program Body Length 28:30/58:30
Spot Body Length
00:29;15 (:30)
00:59;15 (:60)
MPEG2 is the only format accepted
CBR = Constant Bit Rate
File names should include air dates

All programs due minimum 72 hours prior to air date



MPEG2 Program Stream (MPG) – video —
NTSC, standard definition, 720×480, 16:9 or 4:3
frame rate 29.97 drop-frame
target/average video bit rate: 4.5Mbps VBR
maximum bit rate: 9Mbps
chroma format: 4:2:0
field order: interlaced top/upper/odd field first
open GOP
automatic scene detection
GOP length 15 or 18
1 I-frame, 5 P-frames, 2 B-frames or N=18, M=3, use B-frames
VBV size 112 (224kB) up to 576 (1152kB)

All programs due minimum 72 hours prior to air date

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