Have you ever heard that you cannot move forward till you know your past? well with G&F Productions we had a strong beginning and we now have a strong future. In January 2017 G&F Productions celebrates 25 years. We have had ups and downs, we have produced health care productions , wrestling and local sports! The company’s executive management’s vision has stayed strong to provide the nation & word with quality entertainment products. So please stay a while and take a look at what we have done and see what we have planned for the future.
Thank You

Darnell D. Garrison, President & Co-CEO
Executive Board Members
David J. Fritsch,Co-CEO, Co-Founder/ Co-Chairman of the Board
Darnell D. Garrison, President & CEO / Board Co-Chair
Angela J. Garrison,  Executive Vice President/ Chief Operations Officer
Katie Fritsch, Executive Board Member
Sherry Garrison, Board of Advisor’s/Legal Counsel
William Dalton, Board of Advisor’s
Janice McAllister, Board of Advisor’s/Business Finance Counsel
Monya Cherie Thomas, Sr. Producer/Production Manager
Founded in September 1991 DBA in 1992  by David J. Fritsch & Darnell D. Garrison, both graduates of the Spec’s Howard School of Broadcasting Arts. The company started with our first spot being that of a missing child in the Detroit area and then we launched or flagship show for public access television in the city of Farmington Hills Michigan. During the companies journeys we have staffed over 25 people to bring quality programs to the city of which we served. The studio that we did our early productions was located in the city of Inkster, MI.
Original Board Members:
David J. Fritsch
Darnell D. Garrison
Monya C. Johnson-Cosby
Todd Melvin
Kenneth Johnson
Original Production Team Year 2:
Kenneth Burney – Designer of the G&F Productions Box Logo
Rico Beard
Leslie Rochelle
La’Gwynna Scott
George Johnson
Earl Truss
Janice Norwood
Michael Reid
We have many alumni and we hope to reunite soon.
For 20 years we have done over 3700+ productions, over 900 thousand viewers.
Programs have aired on The Impact Network, The Word Network, WLPC-TV Detroit, WADL-TV Detroit, Seattle Washington, WATC Atlanta and in other countries around the world.
The company is now moving in to full multimedia with its subsidiaries that includes divisions: D.A. Garrison Management Publications & Distribution Company, Rain Drops On Roses Music Company, Rhema Arts Network, RhemaArts Digital Media, GlobalVue Media Group, Beacon Three 33 Networks & GandFProductions.Com. For information on these sites please refer to our corporate site.
G&F Productions, Incorporated is a privately held Michigan Corporation.

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